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Belligerent ghouls

I don't know how to feel...  I don't know if i'm over it or if its a bad idea.
I hope it works out for the both of us.

I also feel like i'm stuck in time. Non-progressive.  Anti-social, Shameful.
People are fucking stupid and i don't like them.
The logical thing to think is that I might have a problem with people and I have to try to fix it.
I honestly think that I'm actually ok and the people around me have the problem.
I don't hop the bandwagon and go with it. I like the things i like because I LIKE IT.

You could think I'm a freak or a weirdo... and I'm perfectly ok with that.
Just don't force me to join the mindless, pathetic, and clueless ride all of you are riding.
For the people with unique and interesting thoughts.
You guys are always welcome


Dedicated to pure silence,
because you dont judge or bother me
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